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Spirulina is a natural color that provides a vibrant, true blue for applications like confections and ice cream. Need a different shade? Try one of our standard spirulina blends for a purple or green-toned blue or work with one of our application scientists to customize your own shade.


Spirulina extract is a vibrant natural blue food color. It is a water-soluble phycocyanin color that is gently extracted from cultivated blue-green algae. This color works great in applications like confections, ice cream, frozen novelties, and dry-mix beverages. It performs best in applications that have opaque packaging so it is protected from light. Certified Organic Spirulina is available. Request a sample here.




blue spirulina extract natural color colour in panned candy confections, colorante natural espirulina azul confiteria
blue spirulina extract natural color colour in ice cream frozen novelty dairy
blue spirulina extract natural color colour in yogurt dairy


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