Super stable to simple label – we have a wide range of greens to fit your application. Try our incredible range of chlorophyll and chlorophyllin natural food colors that have supply chain transparency back to the field. Or choose from one of our expertly crafted spirulina blends.


Chlorophyll or chlorophyllin extract is a vibrant, water-soluble green color from fescue grass grown in the UK and traceable back to the field in which it was grown. It is often stabilized with copper, resulting in enhanced vibrancy and color shade. Globally it can be used in a wide variety of confections such as lollies and gummies, as well as ice cream and pet food. In the US it is currently limited to use in dry-beverage mixes.




chlorophyll and chlorophyllin in bakery cupcake, icing, frosting
chlorophyll and chlorophyllin in jelly beans confections
chlorophyll and chlorophyllin in ice cream, mint chocolate chip